Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: I used my debit card with your store and see two transactions on my bank statement. One transaction is for the dollar amount that I paid for while the other is $10.00 more. Why is that?

  2. Answer: Do not worry. Whenever you use a debit card with our store or any other Yahoo! store, the credit card processing service will "preauthorize" your dollar amount for an amount $10.00 more than the actual dollar amount you paid for. That extra $10.00 serves as a "cushion" of space so that we can take the "actual" monies that you paid for.

    For example. If you bought $50.00 worth of products from us, and you saw a transaction of $60.00 on your bank statement, that $60.00 charge is only the "preauthorization" transaction while the $50.00 is the actual "charge" transaction. The $60.00 transaction will disappear in a day or two AFTER we "charge" your card for the appropriate amount of $50.00.

  3. Question: What can I do to avoid the above situation?

  4. Answer: Use a credit card instead of a debit card. Banks know this all too often that you are more likely to lose your money to unscrupulous vendors if you use a debit card to make online purchases as opposed to using a credit card. We want all of our customers to have peace of mind when making online purchases with us.

    However, we WILL still welcome not only debit cards but also credit cards, cash, checks, or money orders.

  5. Question: How come noone at your store told me about a preauthorization for a debit card?

  6. Answer: We are not obligated to because we are not your issuing bank's customer. You are. Since you are your bank's customer, it is up to YOU to know about your bank's policies regarding the use of debit cards when making a purchase from a merchant. Check out the following article regarding the use of debit cards when making purchases. Debit cards and credit cards both look alike but are treated differently:

  7. Question: What are your shipping rates?

  8. Answer: Add up the total amount of goods you want to buy, apply the coupon discounts, if any, and check the shipping schedule here. If you feel that our rates are too high, keep in mind that you can qualify for either 15% discount or FREE shipping. Just use any of the following codes in the "Coupon Code" box when you checkout: CATHOLIC15 or CATHOLICFREE, then click the "Apply" button.

  9. Question: Sometimes I call and can't get through. What should I do?

  10. Answer: Keep in mind that we are an internet based company just like Amazon or eBay and we do most of our business through the internet. However, for those customers who still prefer the old-fashioned phone call, our phone lines DO get tied up from time to time. If you call and can not get through, please leave a message. You can always e-mail us regarding a product or order, and someone will call or e-mail you back. Our e-mail is

  11. Question: I'm not sure if I want to buy from you. Do you have a presence anywhere else on the web that could convince me to trust you?

  12. Answer: Yes. You can view our web presence on YouTube, GoArticles, Facebook, and our CatholicFavors News blog.