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What is the First Holy Communion?

By Sue McGrath

A holy communion is a very special occasion in your child's life. The first Holy Communion is received at the age of seven, where it is believed that the child is old enough to participate in the services of God. Before conducting the Holy Communion the child has to be baptized by the priest.

what gift can be given to a girl for her holy communion, boys first communion gifts, 1st communion bread favors, First Communion bread favors, presents for boys on first holy communionThis is an important occasion for Catholic families since it signifies the rite of passage into the body of the church. This is usually accompanied by a family gathering or a party. If this is your child's first Holy Communion party, then you might have to make a lot of preparations for the event. There are a number of websites that offer first communion party supplies that consist of decors, jewelries and other items that are need to organize the party.

Celebrating the first Holy Communion can be done by either focusing on the decors or by highlighting your child's interests and personality. This will not only make your child happy but also make him/her understand the significance of the event. You can even gift your child his very own first communion medals as a special memento to signify this special day.

Once the theme has been set, you might need to work on the invitations. These invitations can either be created by adding your child's photo and decorating it with a cross, ribbons, lace, rosary and many more. If you are not the creative type, there are a number of online supply stores that offer customized invitations at affordable rates.

You can even add your own wordings stating the time and date of the communion. You can even take the help of first communion party supplies stores for innovative and creative ideas. You can even take the help of your friends and relatives who have already organized their first communion parties for their children. You can either keep it formal by offering toasts and speeches acknowledging the guests or you can have an open and relaxed party where kids too can participate. You might also have to arrange for cakes and snacks for the guests. You can even add some good music at the background to liven the atmosphere.

First communion favors are an ideal way to acknowledge the guests for attending the party. There are a lot if items that can be given as favors like personalized square favor tins, photo frames, jar candles, photo rice krispy treats and many more. Kids can be given jewelries, candies, religious themed playing cards depending on their age.

These days the possibilities are endless when it comes to organizing a first Holy communion party or event. You need to be focused and take into consideration various factors like budget, number of guests, location and time. These will not only make your party a huge success but will also be remembered by your child throughout his/her life.

If you have no clue on what to give as favors to the guests, there are a number of online shops that specialize in such services. You can select from a wide range of first communion favors packs and choose the one that fills your needs and requirements. All these products are licensed and can be purchased at affordable prices.

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