MPO3000--Advanced TENS System

MPO3000--Advanced TENS System
Item# MPO3000

Product Description

MPO-3000 - Advanced TENS System Primarily used for managing chronic pain. Works by blocking the pain signal, and by increasing endorphins in the body.

Can be worn all day or on an as needed basis. Device features include adjustable pulse rate, pulse width, and amplitude (intensity). Placements of electrodes are usually at pain site or along the nerve channels, called dermatomes.

TENS Unit Stimulation stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Pain, whether chronic (long-term) or acute (short-term, often from surgery or trauma), can be relieved through a variety of methods including drugs, topical ointments, surgery, and electrical stimulation. T.E.N.S. devices deliver mild electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate the cutaneous (surface) and afferent (deep) nerves to help control pain. Unlike drugs or topical ointments, T.E.N.S. do not have any known side effects.

  1. Dual isolated channels
  2. Asymmetrical biphasic output
  3. Adjustable pulse amplitude
  4. Cap & Slide Covers Protect
  5. Pulse rate

Three-mode operation:
  1. Conventional
  2. Burst
  3. Modulation

  1. 30, or 60 minute treatment periods or continuous.
  2. Adjustable pulse intensity, rate and width.

  1. Medical Products Online - Advanced TENS System
  2. Cap & Slide Covers Protect Accidental Setting Changes
  3. Hard Plastic Case
  4. 9-V alkaline battery
  5. Two lead wires
  6. Four 2"x2" Square Cloth Silver Connector Multistick - Non-irritating Electrodes
  7. Belt Clip
  8. Manual
  9. Two Year Warranty

Technical Specifications:
  1. Channels: Dual, isolated between channels.
  2. Wave Form: Modified square wave with zero net (DC) component.
  3. Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 80mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)
  4. Pulse Frequency: 2 to 120 Hz, adjustable. Pulse Width: 60 to 250 microseconds, adjustable.
  5. Modulation Mode: Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 4.0 seconds.
  6. Burst Mode: 7 pulses per burst, 2 bursts per second, 100Hz internal frequency of burst.
  7. Maximum Voltage: 100 volts, open circuit. Maximum Charge: 16 Microcoulombs per pulse.
  8. Power Source: 9-V alkaline or rechargeable battery.
  9. Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline) Size: 24 x 64 x 95mm Weight: 130 grams (including battery)