Milagros Saint Daniel Patron Saint Medal

Milagros Saint Daniel Patron Saint Medal
Item# ND180

Product Description

Gift Boxed

-- Pewter
-- .75" Dia, 18" Stainless Steel Chain

A simple declaration of devotion, this St. Daniel Pewter Medal is a beautiful token for any Catholic. Beautifying the anterior aspect of this patron saint medal is an engraved image of Saint Daniel with his most poignant pussycat, the lion, at his feet. Comes gift boxed and with a stainless steel chain, our patron saint medal is perfect for gifts at birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Present this medal to loved ones as a symbol of encouragement through tough times. Wear this Catholic saint medal as a reminder to yourself that despite obstacles, there is always Godís love. Keep Saint Daniel with you always via this St. Daniel Pewter Medal.


St. Daniel pewter medal, ND180